MICHAEL TORTONI is TASTE’s bass player.

With his Schoolfriends Virgil Donati and Ken Murdoch, Michael Tortoni formed an ambitious school band called Cloud 9.

With their prodigious talent and cheeky 70’s attitude, Cloud 9 were quickly noticed and soon became Johnny Farnham’s backing band appearing regularly on the Australian TV show Target.

Cloud 9 became TASTE

And with the addition of fourth member, guitarist Joey Amenta, TASTE became the chart topping, platform sporting, lapel and lycra cladded band that cut a glam rock swathe through the seventies.  Creating musical history by becoming first band ever to appear on Countdown.

The original TASTE line-up being Ken Murdoch, Virgil Donati, Michael Tortoni and Joey Amenta.  While the orginal lineup still plays together occassionally, these days Virgil is in LA and TASTE’s amazing drummer Damian Corniola, a Virgil Donati, protege fills his shoes and plays with the original three guitarists, Ken, Michael and Joey.  A pedigree of world class performing talent that has stayed intact over four decades, and which has influenced countless other Australian bands.

Despite a US deal on the table and a tour with Queen in the offing the young band imploded due to parental intervention.

Michael Tortoni then went on to study classical double bass at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), perform live jazz improvisation in various trios and quartets, and never get distracted by the multitudes of fans from his rock and roll days!

Michael’s dedication to the presentation of live music performance led him to establish and run Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, dubbed by Lonely Planet as “the world’s best jazz club”

Driven by Michael Tortoni’s special blend of business acumen, vision, artistry and plain audacity, Bennetts Lane has been host to a number of world famous performers including Prince, Maceo Parker, Kenny Kirkland, Wynton and Branford Marsalis, Harry Connick Jnr., Paul Grabowsky, Joe Chindamo and Leroy Jones to name just a few.

Prince famously turned up at Bennetts Lane late one night requesting the room to do a warm up show, such was the reputation of the venue.

Michael is currently the Artistic Director of the International Melbourne Jazz Festival, and is about to make his mark on the Australian jazz scene again with a new club called the JazzClub.

However, his true love of rock and lifelong friendship with the other band members, whom he calls his musical inspiration has brought him back to his first band TASTE.

On their new album, Life on Earth, real strings were recorded with Michael taking the lead arranging role.

Michael’s passion for his original band has helped drive their reformation and resurrection 40 years later.


Michael plays a 1970 Fender Precision.

NEWSFLASH: TASTE are playing on 9th March 2017 at the Adelaide Fringe Festival!

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“Read What The Press Has To Say About TASTE”

“The story of TASTE is a legend from the lost pages of Australian rock’n’roll: the meteoric rise and fall of a mid’70s glam-rock quartet with a fiery reputation among such lofty peers as AC/DC, Queen, Suzie Quatro and the Sweet.  But history can wait.  Fast forward 40 years and Life On Earth is a document of rare craft reunited with newfound passion. An album for our times.”

Michael Dwyer

Australian Music Scene

“Thunderous epic sound driven by songs written from thought provoking stories and clearly not made to appease a record company. Everytime I listen to ‘Life On Earth’ I feel like I am witnessing a huge rock operatic spectacular on a giant theatrical stage. It’s sure to leave a great Taste in your ears…”

Neil Bartlett

Aussie Radio Show

“They’re back, with this epic rock song full of explosive vocals, stark guitar harmonies and head banging solos!”
David Bruce

Australian Musician Network

“If Queen & Metallica Had a bastard baby it would be called TASTE”

Brian Mannix

Uncanny Xmen

“Unlike other classic rock projects, TASTE are the real deal, and their groovy vibe feels just as at home in the post-modern dystopia of the film clip as it would at the grassy countryside of Woodstock. Where other bands of their ilk today may find themselves lost to nostalgia or faded by the plethora of modern recording processes, TASTE strut the tightrope with confidence and poise that does their legacy justice.”

Jordan Sibberas

Music Injection

“I Am God is a stunning post-apocalyptic vision stalking the havoc of a world in flames.”
Kate Eardley


“It blasts through with guitar riffs that essentially urge you to burst into a good old fashioned mosh pit.”
John Ardic

Rave It Up

In the 70s there were no radio networks, no Internet and no 24-hour music television. Bands made their name by where they toured and lifted their profile city by city until the songs made the radio. Taste in the 21st century is one tough rock band.

Paul Cashmere

Noise 11

“It has everything a Metallica fan of the late ’80s could want – shredding solos, deep, crunching rhythmic chords and eerily airy vocals that descend into well-tuned yelling.”
Editor's Playlist

Mint Magazine

“Seventies Style lofty ambition – with warts and all attitude!

Rolling Stone

“A breath of fresh air in a stale and somewhat contrived Rock market.”

Rob Manser

PopRepublic TV

“Queen meets Zeppelin, with just the right amount of Spinal Tap.”

Jeff Jenkins

Mag Review

“They Rock nice and hard!

Dylan Lewis

Nova 100

“You’ll be hearing this a lot on Radio.”

Richard Stubbs

“Timeless Rawk Vibe that will never go out of Style.”

The Music Network

“Distinctive ’70s sound with guitar echoes of Led Zeppellin’s Jimmy Page and Queen.”

Leon Gettler

The Age

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